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How to Look Gorgeous in Every Photo

Not Photoshop,,nor guru spells: what we need to look gorgeous in every photo is simply to pay attention to seemingly small details that, when added up, do make a difference. Everyone can get to be attractive, interesting, seducing, smart or elegant in a picture, and here is how:


For those interested in looking thinner, there are good professional tips, such as receiving light from the back, which allows a good photographer to contour our silhouette in the most desirable manner.
Unmissable, as well, is to be placed slightly under the lens, or at least not in the focal point of the camera while it is pointing outwards. There is, however, a nuance that should be known, in order to be avoided by those who feel alluded by this: you will also look smaller.
Furthermore, those keen enough would have already noticed that, when celebrities grow older, they tend to wear more one-piece monochrome dresses; this is because they contribute to elongate what is inside them, and there is not a law against the use of this technique by non-famous people!
Another, even easier, thing to have is mind is merely to twist slightly, shaping up the body figure (and for sure you have seen many an actress posing like that!).

Speaking about how professionals act before the camera… have you ever wondered why, during the Miss Universe contest, every participant bents her leg a little backwards and kind of rests on her waist? It is just a handbook tip for appearing taller and firmer, even if obliged to remain in the same spot for a long time.
About the height, and since we all know that it is all about a referential point in which to compare us with, the crux is in placing ourselves in the front, as long as no immediate higher object competes with us. Placing away from focal and/or central points is also a good idea, as well as benefiting from being at the margin if photographed by foreshortened lens that distort -and make ‘taller’- that which is not in the middle of the composition.

A sincere smile takes longer to appear than a fake one. The former also displaces more muscles around the eyes, and all of these features make a big difference when seen by someone who knows how to ‘read’ a face (that is, every human up to some extent).
Thus, in order to get the most out of a sincere smile we should begin seconds before the photo is taken, and be sure that we will not need to hold it until the authenticity disappears, in which case there will be too much tension around the mouth, and there is nothing pretty about that. If, on the contrary, we care more about not showing the eye wrinkles, what we need is to pull a ‘gioconda’ and craft a fake smile: just try to think, while smiling, about something that is not funny and you will be almost there!.
Wrinkles, spots, pimples and the likes can also be treated with foundation, yet care is due so as to choose the proper one for a photo session. Being the most uniform, liquid foundations tend to give the best results, while cream-to-powder and similar ones may create really weird effects in our face.


When it comes to being elegant, few rules are more important than having a long, thin neck and shoulders that do not link directly to it. We can get the best of our necks by relaxing the upper side of the body (eg., shaking the shoulders before the picture is taken) and looking slightly upwards which, by the way, will also contribute to our nose appearing smaller and to reduce the ‘double chin‘ effect, which has not a lot of fans.
For men, there is also some other basics that shall be known: if chubby, do not wear tight clothes, and think about using a slim tie, or something to that effect, since it never fails to make the rest appear more slender. Big nose? Big ears? Try a cap, a beret or a beard!

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